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Zeolite can be described as nature's own purifier. The mineral transforms its immediate surroundings into a healthier and more favourable environment. It nurtures its surroundings in a unique and natural way by cleaning, healing and balancing substances. Zeolites offer a type of detox through neutralizing toxins and heavy metals, and in some cases also converting them into positive nutrients. Zeolites are effective when you use them to prolong the life cycle of your bedding and create a cleaner stable or barn environment, or as an additive for cultivation that will yield better results.

We offer you a zeolite product in which the properties of the mineral are used to provide better and more easily maintained playing surfaces on the golf course. It is an environmentally friendly alternative that helps create the best conditions for healthy playing surfaces all year round. It can also extend the life of the grass in a completely natural way. Zeolites are brushed into the soil on the golf course, preferably into the biomass itself directly below the root system and up to the surface. As zeolites have a high mineral content, they're already filled with different nutrients. This ensures that the appropriate amount of nutrients and water are distributed to the root system. Zeolites have a unique ability to absorb as well as encapsulate liquids and they also have a positive effect on the root mass. This results in fewer dry patches and less fungal damage, as well as a deeper and more thriving root system. The remains can be spread on cultivated land or other terrains with the purpose of improving surfaces and land.

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