What is ZeoFriction?

  • An environmentally friendly volcanic mineral with very high friction.
  • 100% natural and 100% safe for people, animals and nature.
  • ZeoFriction doesn't contain any additives, salt, chemicals or dyes.
  • Good for the environment:
  • Cation exchange capacity - Neutralizes heavy metals in our environment.
  • Drains soil, retains moisture and releases minerals.
  • OMRI certified - Approved for organic plant farming.
  • Superior friction.
  • Does NOT damage any part of our infrastructure.

How does ZeoFriction work?

  • ZeoFriction is very porous and therefore highly absorbent.
  • By absorbing the moisture on the surface of the ice, ZeoFriction sticks to it which reduces the risk of it being blown away, something which can happen to sand and crushed stone.
  • When the properties of ZeoFriction are activated, the colour darkens, which shows people that it's safe to walk, cycle and drive.
  • Works in temperatures down to -50 ° C.
  • 7 times more friction than sand/crushed stone.
  • 9 times more friction than salt/chemicals.
  • The best option in freezing rain.
  • If necessary, ZeoFriction can be mixed with ice-melting materials for a two-fold effect.


The inventor spent two years searching for environmentally friendly alternatives to road salt, chemicals, sand and other de-icing methods after his dog died of cancer, probably caused by road salt. The mineral was a huge success in the Canadian version of the TV-show Dragon's Den. All five "dragons" wanted to invest.

ZeoFriction was introduced on the Scandinavian market in the winter of 2011/2012 and won the award for Innovation of the Future at Infrastruktur & Kommunalteknikmässan (Infrastructure & Municipal Technology Fair) in 2012.

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