Zeo-Sorb is a 100% organic and natural product. Zeo-Sorb effectively absorbs moisture, spills and chemicals. Zeo-Sorb effectively encapsulates chemicals and liquids in its cavities and retains them there (no spillage after use)


No other natural absorbent has as high a CEC (cation exchange capacity) as Zeo-Sorb. This means that the mineral can hold 35-45% of its weight in liquids and gases. It can be used for spillage on both roadways and the workshop floor. Zeo-Sorb also neutralizes and encapsulates gases and moisture from the air and can be used to counteract high levels of moisture or odours in the event of accidents or spillage both indoors and outdoors.


Zeo-Sorb is used as a preventive and rehabilitative method in decontamination of polluted soils and forests. Zeo-Sorb can be used to clean up spillage in agriculture and has a positive impact on the environment in streams, lakes, groundwaters and on land. Zeo-Sorb is completely safe for humans and animals as well as for the environment.

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