Zeolite is an environmentally friendly, safe mineral that is useful in many areas.

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The history of the zeolite mineral is exciting and something you'll never tire of reading about. It all started in a Slovak volcano where ash layers were exposed to pressure and hot temperatures for millions of years. Rock-like zeolites were formed in connection with the chemical reaction that occurred when the ash came into contact with saltwater. There are around 60 types of zeolite, and clinoptilolite is the one we focus on in our work as a supplier of zeolite-based products. We are OMRI listed, which means we are compliant with organic farming standards throughout Europe, which is also where we work.

"There are about 60 types of zeolite"

At Zeo Concept, we are constantly striving to offer our customers safe and high-quality products. We're experts on zeolite clinoptilolite, the super mineral we use in our products. It's not an exaggeration to state that no one knows zeolites better than we do. Since the mineral is used in many different areas, we are careful to keep up to date with new developments in order to offer our customers optimal products. The world of organic products is continuously evolving and we try as much as possible to expand our existing knowledge bank with new findings in sustainability and environmental research.

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