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ZeoStrö and CEC-Foder are increasingly used in agriculture and animal husbandry. In animal husbandry around the world, these products are used as bedding and a feed additive respectively, with great success both economically and when it comes to animal welfare. In addition, they have a minimal impact on the environment.

CEC-Foder increases the absorption of proteins and also acts as a battery of nutrients, dispensing them according to the animal's own needs. CEC-Foder reduces colic, stomach problems/diarrhea and helps prevent laminitis. It contributes to a stronger immune system, resulting in a healthier animal.

ZeoStrö's unique structure and ability to absorb and encapsulate foreign materials means your barn and stable areas will dry quicker and it also drastically reduces the risk of illness, slipping, accidents, moulds and lost working time. It's now available for the European market at a great price. We supply zeolites in different sizes and packages to fit your needs.


For growing animals or animals in training, the zeolites pH balance is especially important. This, combined with a slower digestion that absorbs proteins better, reduces the formation of lactic acid in the muscles. This maximizes performance and growth, providing the ability to offer peak performance each day. As soon as the digestion is allowed to function naturally at its own pace, the development of the animal can become priority #1. Flatulence and sluggish digestion inhibit protein uptake and negatively affect both the immune system and growth. CEC-Foder creates an optimal turnover of feed and maximizes your results. The fact that CEC-Foder is also by far nature's best detox, cleansing the body of excess toxins and trace elements, makes CEC-Foder a must for animals who need to feel their best every day.

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