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ZeoStrö is an all-natural bedding for your stables. ZeoStrö consists of 100% zeolites with a size of 1.5–2 mm and 2.5–5 mm depending on use. With ZeoStrö, you extend the life cycle of your existing bedding and get drier boxes and stalls. The use of zeolite bedding has also been observed to result in a drastic reduction of hoof problems, navel infections, mastitis, respiratory diseases and spread of disease.

Zeolites bind ammonia in stables, which positively affects the upper airways and reduces the risk of pneumonia and recurrent airway obstruction (asthma-like conditions affecting the airways and sometimes eyes). Zeolites drastically reduce the risk of many common health problems in animal husbandry and creates a nicer stable environment and a happier animal.

ZeoStrö absorbs and encapsulates up to around 60% of its own weight in both gases and liquids, which helps create a quick and long-lasting effect. Among other things, it encapsulates nitrogen directly in the feces and then allows it to be released when used as fertiliser. It reduces odours as well as microbiological growth in your stable, extends the life cycle of your bedding and adds value to your fertiliser.

This in conjunction with a reduced fly population (which thrives in humidity), as well as the simplicity of working with ZeoStrö, contributes to reduced man hours, less bedding, a nicer and drier environment and happier and healthier livestock.

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