More easily maintained plantations as well as beneficial animal feed.

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CEC is an abbreviation for the exchange capacity zeolites use with their surroundings. CEC stands for cation exchange capacity and means that the mineral exchanges ions to create a favourable environment, both in terms of cultivation and animal welfare. Zeolites nurture their surroundings and contribute nutrients by cleaning and converting negative environments to positive ones. If you're running a stable, you can add zeolites to your bedding to extend its durability while creating a clean stable environment. The mineral can be added to the soil of cultivated lands to more efficiently use water, thus resulting in more low-maintenance plantations, plant productions or farmland.

"... the mineral exchanges ions to create better conditions for a favorable environment"

Feed containing zeolites helps animals to better absorb proteins and nutrients. The mineral functions as a kind of battery; it charges with nutrients and then measures it out according to the individual animal's needs. An animal feed with CEC properties also helps maintain pH balance and intercepts harmful substances that can lead to virus infections. This results in healthier animals by strengthening their immune systems. Digestion, flatulence and bone formation are also positively affected by zeolites, which consist of, among other substances, about 60% silicon. In other words, we are talking about a super mineral that cleans, heals and creates an exceptional environment – a gift from nature to nature.

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