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Zeo-Concept ECE AB supplies ZeoGreen to more than 70 golf courses, farmers and several municipalities and amusement parks. This professional secret behind a fantastic final result is now also available to private customers.

“We use Zeo-Strö as a supplement to our substrate, straw/hay or shavings. It reduces odour as well as moisture in the substrate. It is used for the indoor spaces of baboons, meerkats and other animals with a very strong smell. Thanks to Zeo-Strö, the indoor environment is much better for both the animals and for those who work with them.”

“We have also tried giving CEC-Foder to animals that have had problems with loose stools. When everything else has been excluded, we have tried feeding them with CEC-Foder, which in many cases has normalised stools. Removing the CEC-Foder had a negative impact on the stools and when the animals were given CEC-Foder again it got better."

// Jonas Wahlström

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