A safe, environmentally friendly mineral with cleansing and healing features.


Zeolite is a natural mineral with unique features, making it useful in many different areas. The advantages of the mineral stem from one main function; the transformation and cleaning of its surroundings. Zeolite is nature's own purifier and through ion exchange, it converts substances into nutrients and useful substances. In other words, the mineral has a unique ability to nurture its surroundings and create the best possible conditions for thriving environments. Whether zeolites are used to purify water, keep animals healthy or create sustainable greens, it is the mineral's cleaning and healing properties that put in the work.

"The mineral has a unique ability to nurture its surroundings"

In animal care, zeolites are used in the feed which keeps animals healthy thanks to the positive effects of the mineral. Feed containing zeolites ensures that the blood pH stays balanced and also intercepts harmful substances that can lead to virus infections. In this way, the animals' immune systems are strengthened, resulting in healthy animals. The mineral has an ability to bind amino acids with negative bacteria, which has a positive impact on digestion as well as flatulence. This prevents stomach problems and increases the animals' ability to absorb nutrition. Using zeolites in agriculture results in cleaner environments and more easily maintained plantations.

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